Illustrator from the Bay Area, CA.

Hey there! I'm Robin Klinger. I have over a decade's worth of experience in illustration and varying years of experience in photography, printmaking, and graphic design. I received AA degrees in Studio Arts and Liberal Arts from Los Medanos College, and my BA in Design Studies from San Jose State University. I currently work as a K-12 art instructor.

I'm inspired by women, flowers and nature, and works of fantasy/science fiction. I mainly create digital art nowadays, but enjoy experimenting with oils, watercolors, markers, and ink. I love trying new mediums and don't want to do just one thing! Feel free to keep up with me on socials or visit my link hub. Some days, you may be able to catch me streaming on Twitch; you can also visit my events page to see where I may be next.

Instagram @dovahviing | @artbyrobinklinger
TikTok @dovahviing
Twitch @dovuh

Images provided by Faith Cao